"Othangi's" puppies from:

March 02, 2015

look ...

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 ..."von Tri-Song" puppies from:

May 30, 2015

1 male..

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Lhasa - Apso Kennel "...von Tri-Song"

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More photos: http://trisong.blogspot.com


Now both boys moved to their new families.
Nimo-la will stay with us ....

Norbu Linka movesto Eva and James to USA:
Good luck little treasure!

Nang-po is moved to Kellinghusen to family Jacobsen
We wish you a lot of luck little prince....
13 weeks old and the first puppy is moved.... :-(

Nang-po narba is looking for a nice family
He is such a lovely and smart little boy...

Nangpo narba

Nimo-la, our little princess....


Norbu Linka (reserved)
is greeting his family!! :-)

Ni-ya-ma Kira
is moved to family Rousseu/Schwart
Good luck little princess!!!
10 weeks

Norbu Linka

Nangpo narba


Ni-ya-ma Kira
8 weeks and they are all so funny....

Norbu Linka (reserved)

Nang-po narba

Nimo-La (reserved)

6 weeks oldt, the time is running....

Norbu-Linka (Male 1)

Nang-po nar-ba (Male 2)

Nang-wa Thaya (Female 1)

Ni-ya-ma (Female 2)
5 Wochen sind sie jetzt alt und haben die ersten Abenteuer im Garten bestanden

Male 1

Male 2

Female 1

Female 2
17 days old and al have opened their eyes

Male 1

Male 2

Female 1

Female 2
Our puppies were born on May 30, 2015
2 males and 2 females, all are okay
we are very happy...

2 days old....

Naya and Ling-Khor are happy to become parents


Pedigree of this litter

I'Ling-khor de Kehl Ta Zing E'Pema Wangal de la Garde Adhemar B'Fo de la Garde Adhemar
B'Tsering de la Garde Adhemar
D'Tsega de la Garde Adhemar B'Fo de la Garde Adhemar
B'Gautama de la Garde Adhemar
Tienschan' V'Tsa-ru naya Kho-mo-la Pokahra H-Chi-mo (TL)  Traschi-Deleg Chenrezi (TL)
V'Tara lu Traschi-Deleg von Lu-Khang (TL)
Gem-pa-tru von Tri-Song Tong-Hua Bo Coffee Break
Traschi-Deleg Khymo-La

More photos: http://trisong.blogspot.com